01 September 2020

GCAM 6.1 Reborn Wyroczen 1.0 for RN8P (Configs Tested on Day & Night | Free Download)

How To Install GCAM 6.1 Reborn Wyroczen 1.0 for RN8P (13 Config Files Tested Day & Night)

(Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro)

Developer's Original Description:

By wyroczen.


New 6.1 based on fu24 cam for Redmi Note 8 Pro by me 🙂

- Now aux cameras are working without any additional modules, no root needed, HDR+ is fine. I've used code from Eszdman PhotonCamera app, all credits for making this possible for him.

- 64MP upscaling option added to "Photo" section, it will upscale photos from main back camera to 64MP.

Support the works of the best GCAM developer/modder by donating their paypal: paypal.me/wyroczen

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