22 September 2020

trCamera V6 for RN8P with Configs Tested (Free Download)


How To Install trCamera V6 for RN8P (with Config Files Tested)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

free download trcamera for rn8p the samsons

Developer's Original Description:

trCamera V6
 List of changes (EN):
 - Added a hint when clicking on the dockbar, if you do not have a config, or there is no folder
 - Added a selection of models for the main, front, wide-angle cameras (thanks to Vibhor)
 - Added noise reduction models for the main, front, wide-angle cameras (thanks to Vibhor)
 - Deep code cleaning (thanks Urnyx05)
 - Removed IQ PX library (smaller size)
 - Added IQ 4.5 library instead of IQ trCamera (according to test results, it is better)
 - Added tooltip when turning on light painting mode
 - Switching to an advanced libpatcher with dynamic adjustment of the tone curve, gamma curve, new settings also appeared (thanks Vibhor)
 - The saturation category has been removed, now you can use the libpatcher items instead (there are no other options)
 - All settings were reorganized into the corresponding categories, advanced settings were scattered, the category "Additional lenses" was created
-  Added devices support with not working focus tracking
 - Added direct switching mode (switching between modules without restarting the camera)

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Thank you so much Devs & Config Creators. You are the best!

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