09 October 2020

LegionCam V1 with configs for RN8P


How To Install LegionCam V1 for RN8P (with Config Files Tested)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

LegionCam V1 with configs for RN8P The Samsons

Developer's Original Description:

Project "LegionCam"  By: PERCIFHM34  & Herades Silva for Redmi Note 8 PRO (may support other devices )


* Based on BSG 7.4 base
* Latest Libpatcher
* All Important AWBs
* Exposure Compensation
* Added OpModes
* Focus Tracking
* Portrait folder merged with  stock folder option
* Separate Legion Cam mods view
* Separate Configs folder
* 64/20MP support (added button in settings also)

 Now configs will be saved and loaded from:- "LegionCam" folder 

Note:- 20/64MP may work in Only Portrait mode

Special Thanks to: BSG,Arnova8G2, Wyroczen, Rakin, Abhi (Onfire) and all other developers. Thanks to MTX Legion & Team Alpha for the work and support.

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