27 October 2020

MGC 3.2 TlnNeun V1.0 Wyroczen


How To Install MGC 3.2 TlnNeun V1 for RN8P (Stable Version)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

Developer's Original Description:

By wyroczen.

Install the new 64mp enabler magisk module (thanks to fancypants for fidning what libs are needed), then install this apk.
Disable buffer fix module if you were using it as it may (or may not) cause some problems with quality.

Additional info:
App may crash on custom roms when capturing 64mp, that's probably because of camera libs from miui11. I will think what can be done to replace them with miui12 libs.
When app will be crashing:
-> restart phone
-> minimize app right after capture and wait for result in gallery

APK Changelog:
*Added fix for 64mp in custom roms

Special thanks to Eszdman, I've understood what is needed to be done thanks to the knowledge he shared :)

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Thank you so much Devs & Config Creators. You are the best!

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