01 October 2020

MJL Miniqueta V5 for RN8P (Best For Landscape / Sunrise & Sunset)


How To Install MJL Miniqueta V5 for RN8P (with Config Files Tested)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

MJL Miniqueta The Samsons

Developer's Original Description:

MJL MINIQUETA v7.4  By: Marco Ported by: Percifhm34 & Herades for rn8pro..


*All Important things by own method 
*Disabled GL-PREVIEW by default
*Added xml support of saved ones

*Xml folder... Now xml will be saved or loaded from GCam/Configs7/Miniqueta

Note:- 20/64 MP works in portrait mode (enable pixel binning in settings if not work) 

Thanks to :-

Herades for being my partner.. all Alpha team.. All Developers and sir Marco for this Awesome gcam... Rakin (Greatness) , Trcam dev and Metzger100 for for the support...

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Thank you so much Devs & Config Creators. You are the best!

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