02 October 2020

Pixelcam X 2.0 for RN8P (with 27+ Configs / Normal, Macro & Night Sight Tested)


How To Install PixelCam X 2.0 for RN8P (with Config Files Tested Normal, Macro & Night Sight)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

Developer's Original Description:

Pixelcam X 2.0  By: Jairo Rossi Ported by: Percifhm34 & Herades for rn8pro..


*All Important things by own method (no external codes used)

*Xml folder... Now xml will be saved or loaded from GCam/Pixelcam/X

Note:- 20/64 MP  available in Portrait mode

ATTENTION: You must delete all GCAM 6.1 before installing Pixelcam X2. After installing Pixelcam X2, clear data and then place a config into Pixelcam/X. Failure to do this will result in a half working GCAM.

Thanks to :-

Herades for being my partner.. all Alpha team.. All Developers and sir Metzger for this Awesome gcam... Rakin (Greatness) and Trcam dev for for the support...

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Thank you so much Devs & Config Creators. You are the best!

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