01 December 2020

Burial Beta 9 (with 29 Configs Tested for RN8P POCOX3 MI10PRO)

How To Install NGCam 7.4 V1.8 for RN8P & RN8 (with Config Files Tested)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

Xiaomi Poco X3 & MI10PRO

Developer's Original Description:

Burial 9.2
Developed by Burial
Ported by @HeradesSilva


- Fixed black screen
- Fixed focus
- Fixed front and rear video
- Fixed night mode
- Fixed 64/20 MP (no need to enable or disable)

Note: Change the ID of the Back Camera 2 to 4

Thanks to Wyroczen for fixing black screen and video mode

Support the works of the best GCAM developer/modder by donating their paypal:

Herades Version of Burial 9
(Load XML to GCam/Configs7)

FHM version of Burial 9 (RN8P, POCOX3, MI10XPRO)
(Load XML to GCam/Configs7/Burial9)


A big thanks to our config creators. 👍

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