14 February 2021

GCAM MGC 8.1 BSG (No Config / Stock VS GCAM 8.1 / Point and Shoot)


How To Install GCAM MGC 8.1 for RN8P (NO  XML Configs)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

Developer's Original Description:

- Fully optimized mod, the application should work faster.
- Added tracking focus to video mode (needs a lot of resources, can slow down).
- Finally all the problems of the Google Pixel have been fixed (all models, everything works without restrictions. Select "Pixel" in the settings and your model).
- Fixed crash of frontal video for some devices that do not support 1080p (can be changed in the settings).
- Temporarily added an item to activate astro as in Pixel devices.
- Added support for Redmi Note 8 Pro (MTK) smartphone.
- Fixed interface freezing issue for Xioami Mi Note 10 (when the interface was slow to respond).
- Fixed problems with the Xiaomi Mi 9se interface freezing (when many additional functions were connected: Auto NS, focus tracking).
- Fixed video crash on some devices.
- Added some fixes for Sony smartphones, purple circles should disappear in night mode.
- Fixed problems with Auto NS and night mode for Realme XT (when the snapshot was not saved and the processing was frozen).

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